Our Music Director: Alla Borzova

Dr. Alla Borzova

Dr. Alla Borzova has been Director of Music at St. Michael's since May 2018. Alla has an extensive background as a concert level organist and pianist, vocalist, internationally renowned composer, choir director, vocal coach, and teacher. She holds a Doctorate from Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory and, upon arrival in the U.S. in 1993, did additional doctoral work at the City University of New York Graduate School. Over the past 25 years, Alla has served as Music Director for Lutheran, Episcopal, United Methodist, Presbyterian, and Evangelical churches.

Alla also worked as a Music Director of acclaimed Civil Little Theatre in Pennsylvania, preparing music with singers and conducting professional orchestra in numerous productions of musicals, and as a Music Director of Civil Little Theatre School, teaching Broadway music to children and youth and conducting high school orchestras in their productions of musicals. Alla was Music Director for Dance at Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania, supervising and composing for numerous dance productions, including composing the original ballet, inspired by Goya's drawings. She has more than 17 years of college and performing arts school teaching experience, including Moscow Conservatory, Special Music School at the Belarusian Academy of Music, Hunter and Lehman Colleges in New York City.

Alla has experience practicing a broad music repertory, ranging from classical to contemporary, including spirituals, jazz, and gospel, and composing her own music. As a composer, she has been the recipient of numerous awards and commissions.